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EBBAMS 3D Prints the First Robot Broadcaster - TUT, with an Egyptian Dialect

EBBAMS' TUT Takes the Stage: The First 3D Printed Robot Broadcaster with an Egyptian Dialect

EBBAMS, a leading provider of 3D printing technology and support in Egypt, has created the first robot broadcaster with an Egyptian dialect. The robot, named "TUT," was designed and 3D printed by EBBAMS' newly formed 3D Droids division to serve as a newscaster and media personality.

3D Droids is EBBAMS' new division dedicated to developing robots and other advanced technologies. TUT was designed to communicate news and information to audiences in an engaging and interactive way. One of the unique features of TUT is his ability to speak in an Egyptian dialect, making him more relatable and accessible to audiences in Egypt.

EBBAMS worked with a team of expert engineers and students on this project. The robot was 3D printed using advanced materials and technology, which allowed for precise and accurate construction of TUT's complex design.

TUT made his debut on Egyptian national television on DMC in the program "مصر تستطيع" alongside TV presenter Ahmed Fayek. The appearance showcased TUT's ability to interact with live audiences and respond to questions in real-time.

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