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3D Droids

The Future is Now

What is 3D Droids?

EBBAMS is proud to announce that it is now open for Robot 3D printing projects! 3D Droids is where we will make your wildest ideas come to life. We strongly believe in the advancement of industries through 3D printing processes in Egypt - and are proud to be at the forefront of these efforts

Several industries and businesses can benefit greatly through the implementation of robots in their everyday processes. The advantage of 3D printing is not only cutting down prices and saving time - but also customizability.  Our team will 3D print a robot that fits your specific needs - from its capabilities and material used to the colour choice - turning your ideas into reality.

Step into the future with EBBAMS.

Check out our most recent project:


The first robot broadcaster - with an Egyptian dialect

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Robot Specifications:

  • 22 high torque single shaft servo motors.

  • 12 v 40Ah Lithium-ion battery + internal power regulators for the different electric loads.

  • 5-inch TFT HDMI screen as the face on the head with the ability to add an HD camera sensor.

  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker.

  • Controllers used: Jetson nano development board for speech and data processing + 2 ESP32 controllers for motion control and wireless communication.

  • NEMA 23 stepper motors for the wheels motion and planetary geared one for wire tension system as an elevator.

  • 1:9 gearbox system for actuating the wheels pushing torque.

  • 4 ultrasonic sensors (front - back - left - right) for obstacle avoidance.

  • ESP32 controller for motion control and wireless communication.

  • 12v 40Ah Lithium-ion battery + power regulator for different electric loads.

  • Skeleton + outfit was fully 3D printed 

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Industries and Sectors

Prototyping, Tooling, Fabrication, Lower costs, Reduce time

Lockers with keys




Technology Class


Construction Workers


Designing Custom


We will design the robot to fit your needs and specifications

  • Consultation

  • Choosing materials and outlining robot capabilities

  • Quotation

  • Design process and approving​​

  • 3D printing 

  • Final product 


Contact us now:

Tap into the future. 

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