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3D Printed Ultrasonic Tips: EBBAMS' Innovative Solution for Dental Professionals

EBBAMS Uses 3D Printing to Manufacture Dental Ultrasonic Tips

EBBAMS is now using 3D printing technology to manufacture dental products, specifically ultrasonic tips. The high-precision printing process allows for easy production of complex designs using medical-grade stainless steel 316L, approved by the FDA. This method provides a cost-effective solution for manufacturing limited quantities of dental tools and ensures that their products meet the highest standards of quality.

Ultrasonic tips are commonly used in dental procedures to remove tartar and plaque from teeth. They are used in conjunction with an ultrasonic scaler, which uses high-frequency vibrations to break up and remove the deposits. The tips are designed to be interchangeable and disposable for improved hygiene and safety.

EBBAMS' use of 3D printing technology for the production of ultrasonic tips allows for precision and flexibility of the printing process and for the creation of highly intricate designs that are difficult or impossible to produce using traditional manufacturing techniques.

The use of medical-grade stainless steel ensures that the ultrasonic tips are safe for use in the mouth and will not cause adverse reactions or infections. Additionally, the ability to produce limited quantities of the tips using 3D printing technology allows for greater control over inventory. It reduces waste, resulting in a more sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing process.

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